My Novella-in-Flash, ‘Bottled Goods,’ to Be Published in July by Fairlight Books

So, there it is my big, big secret is finally out!

I am beyond thrilled to announce that my first book, the novella-in-flash ‘Bottled Goods’ will be published in July 2018 by Fairlight Books.

Here’s the link to my book’s page on my publisher’s website: bottled-goods


Cover_Bottled Goods


The book tells the story of a couple, Alina and Liviu, who live in the Romania of the 1970s. They’re decent human beings, and moderate supporters of the communist regime — that is, until Liviu’s brother defects, and they start facing the dire prosecution of the authorities. The country they once loved begins to close like a cage (or like a fishbowl, to ‘quote’ the absolutely gorgeous cover) around them. Will Alina and Liviu manage to escape their country, since they’re being watched so closely? Is there a future for the two of them, within, or without the Socialist Republic of Romania?

If you fancy to have a taste of my novella-in-flash, I’ve complied all the previously published pieces (‘chapters’) in a list. You can find it here, right at the top of the page:

The past three months, since I signed my contract with Fairlight Books, have been absolutely amazing. Accompanying a manuscript on its path to become a book brought me more joy that I could have ever imagine. The team at Fairlight Books have been incredibly supportive and professional as they guided me through the final edits, and through the entire process. Not a day goes by without me squeaking with excitement at working with them. They have so many wonderful things in store for my book — and it’s so much more than I thought I bargained for.

Also, I want to grab this occasion to thank my husband, Silviu, for all his support since I’ve taken up writing. It hasn’t been easy, since my confidence in my own words is so quickly crushed by the mountains of rejections lurking in my email box. But he manages to make me smile through it all, and to motivate to get back up on that horse.

Also, a big, fat thank you to my Mum, Claudia, who always behaves like each and every single piece of writing I give her to read is the best that has ever seen the light of day. Really, thanks, Mum, for this, and for having watched the Troublesome Toddler in December, giving me time to finish my edits.

And I couldn’t possibly leave out a gigantic ‘THANK YOU’ floating in the mid-day sky, like a helium balloon, for my Writing Group Dream Team: Flash Force Four (Stephanie Hutton, Christina Dalcher, Kayla Pongrac) and Gillian Walker. Thank you so, so much ladies, for all the time you invested in my drafts, giving me your fabulous feedback, helping me beat this book into shape, and become a better writer. I’m so, so sure that I wouldn’t be here right now, if it weren’t for you.

I also want to take a moment and thank the fabulously supportive Flash Fiction community, and especially all the literary magazine editors, the hard-working flash fiction competition organisers (particularly one very special lady from Bath!), for all the time, and the heart you put into promoting this form, and its writers.

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