Selected Publications

Flash Fictions from My Novella-in-Flash, ‘Bottled Goods’ (Selected)

Glazed Apples – Ambit (print, Issue 231, January 2018 — order here: 231)

Prima Noctis – Litro online, #flashfriday ( September 15th 2017)

The Saturday When Everything Changed – Fairlight Shorts (January 18th 2018)

Of Gifts of Unknown Provenance – Fairlight Shorts (February 1st 2018)

The Skirt – 2017 National Flash Fiction Day Anthology ( print)

Like Music – Flash Frontier (‘Remnants,’ February 2017)

-reprinted in the Paper Swans anthology ‘Flash, I Love You’

Articles & Features 

Redefining the Novel – Mslexia (Issue 82, June 2019 — order or subscribe here)

Unusual Structures in Flash Fiction – TSS Publishing

On Writing Novellas-in-Flash – TSS Publishing

Short Stories

Dinner for Two – The Lonely Crowd (Issue 10 )

Sauerkraut – Lit Fest Stuttgart Anthologie  (print, July 2018) – in German

The Souring of Milk – Banshee (print, Issue 5)

Flash Fiction

And So They Rise — Bath Flash Fiction Award Anthology, Vol. 3, ‘Things Left and Found By the Side of the Road’ (Print)

On Oxytocin – Literary Orphans (Issue 36, September 2018)

Hi, Dad, How’ve You Been? – 2018 National Flash Fiction Day Anthology (print, June 2018 — order here)

All This Wood Between Us – Flash: The International Short-Short Story Magazine (forthcoming, print, Issue 11.1, April 2018)

Phoenixes – FlashBack Fiction (February 19th 2018)   *Nominated for Best Microfictions and Best of the Net 

Chimaera – collaboration with Stephanie Hutton – Connotation Press (Issue III, Volume IX, January 2018)

Down the Stairs in Somebody Else’s Dream – New South Online (January 8th 2018) *Nominated for Best Small Fictions 

Rules of Division – Micro Madness 2017 (June 9th 2017)

A Conversation between the Spice Trader’s Daughter and Her Lover, a Fortnight after She Burned at the Stake – Spelk ( February 10th 2017)

– reprinted by Flash Flood Journal, June 24th 2017

Creative Nonfiction

Wo die Weinrebe endete – ‘all over Heimat’ Anthologie – in German & Romanian

My Grandmother’s Unlikely Trip to Italy – The Guardian (Family life, Snapshot, September 9th 2017)

The Walls Around Us – New Delta Review (Issue 7.2, Spring 2017)

Competitions and Prizes 

Flash Fiction

And So They Rise – Shortlisted for the Bath Flash Fiction Award, Autumn 2018

On Oxytocin – Longlisted for the TSS 400 Spring 2018 Flash Fiction Competition

On Oxytocin – Longlisted for the Reflex Fiction Spring  2018 Flash Fiction Competition

Stolen Hours – 2nd Place in the Reflex Fiction Autumn 2017 Flash Fiction Competition

Henry’s Ways – Longlisted for the Reflex Fiction Autumn 2017 Flash Fiction Competition

The Caesarean – 2nd Place in The Short Story Winter 2016 Flash Competition

– Nominated for Best Small Fictions 2018

The Invisible One– 1st Place in the Retreat West Monthly Themed Flash Competition, October

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