Selected Publications

Flash Fictions from My Novella-in-Flash, ‘Bottled Goods’

The Low People in Our Family – The Airgonaut ( May 2017)

Glazed Apples – Ambit (print, Issue 231, January 2018 — order here: 231)

Prima Noctis – Litro online, #flashfriday ( September 15th 2017)

The Saturday When Everything Changed – Fairlight Shorts (January 18th 2018)

Of Gifts of Unknown Provenance – Fairlight Shorts (February 1st 2018)

The Skirt – 2017 National Flash Fiction Day Anthology ( print — order here)

Like Music – Flash Frontier (‘Remnants,’ February 2017)

-reprinted in the Paper Swans anthology ‘Flash, I Love You’ (order Here: flash-i-love)

Ripping – Chicago Literati (December 2nd 2016)


Articles & Features 

Redefining the Novel – Mslexia (Issue 82, June 2019 — order or subscribe here)

Unusual Structures in Flash Fiction – TSS Publishing

On Writing Novellas-in-Flash – TSS Publishing


Short Stories

Dinner for Two – The Lonely Crowd (Issue 10 — order here)

Sauerkraut – Lit Fest Stuttgart Anthologie  (print, July 2018) – in German

The Souring of Milk – Banshee (print, Issue 5, Autumn/Winter 2017– order here)


Flash Fiction

And So They Rise — Bath Flash Fiction Award Anthology, Vol. 3, ‘Things Left and Found By the Side of the Road’ (order here)

On Oxytocin – Literary Orphans (Issue 36, September 2018)

Hi, Dad, How’ve You Been? – 2018 National Flash Fiction Day Anthology (print, June 2018 — order here)

All This Wood Between Us – Flash: The International Short-Short Story Magazine (forthcoming, print, Issue 11.1, April 2018)

Phoenixes – FlashBack Fiction (February 19th 2018)   *Nominated for Best Microfictions and Best of the Net 

Chimaera – collaboration with Stephanie Hutton – Connotation Press (Issue III, Volume IX, January 2018)

Down the Stairs in Somebody Else’s Dream – New South Online (January 8th 2018) *Nominated for Best Small Fictions 

Rules of Division – Micro Madness 2017 (June 9th 2017)

A Conversation between the Spice Trader’s Daughter and Her Lover, a Fortnight after She Burned at the Stake – Spelk ( February 10th 2017)

– reprinted by Flash Flood Journal, June 24th 2017

Paved with Good Intentions – Unbroken Journal (Issue 12, January 2017)

Little Girl and the Sea– Five 2 One Magazine, #thesideshow (November 17th 2016)

There Are No Sea Creatures – Hermeneutic Chaos Journal (Issue 17, November 2016)

Conversation with Antigone – Flash Frontier ( ‘Motel,’ September 2016)


Creative Nonfiction/ Memoir

Wo die Weinrebe endete – ‘all over Heimat’ Anthologie – in German & Romanian

My Grandmother’s Unlikely Trip to Italy – The Guardian (Family life, Snapshot, September 9th 2017)

The Walls Around Us – New Delta Review (Issue 7.2, Spring 2017)


Competitions and Prizes 


Flash Fiction

And So They Rise – Shortlisted for the Bath Flash Fiction Award, Autumn 2018


On Oxytocin – Longlisted for the TSS 400 Spring 2018 Flash Fiction Competition

On Oxytocin – Longlisted for the Reflex Fiction Spring  2018 Flash Fiction Competition


Stolen Hours – 2nd Place in the Reflex Fiction Autumn 2017 Flash Fiction Competition


Henry’s Ways – Longlisted for the Reflex Fiction Autumn 2017 Flash Fiction Competition


The Caesarean – 2nd Place in The Short Story Winter 2016 Flash Competition

– Nominated for Best Small Fictions 2018


The Invisible One– 1st Place in the Retreat West Monthly Themed Flash Competition, October 2016



Commended in the Gregory O’Donoghue International Poetry Prize 


Book Reviews

The Prose of the Mountains by Aleksandre Qazbegi – Necessary Fiction (October 10th 2016)

Staggerwing by Alice Kaltman – Necessary Fiction ( November 21st 2016)

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