BOTTLED GOODS Goes International

This post is rather long overdue! I could probably blame it on life getting in the way, but the truth is that I’ve been snatching every moment when I could get access to the computer to work on my new novel or, alternatively, to procrastinate on social media (ahem).

I’ve had some amazing news earlier this spring — Fairlight Books, BOTTLED GOODS’ UK publisher, sold the rights in a few international territories. I’m immensely proud to announce that my book will be published by HarperCollins in the USA, Canada and the Philippines, as acquired by publishing legend Sara Nelson. Here’s a link to the article in the Bookseller which announces this (did I also mention that I was super-proud to be mentioned by The Bookseller? Yes, precisely — life goal ticked ):

Many thanks to David Forrer of Inkwell Management, who handled the rights on behalf of Fairlight Books.


Not only that — I’m delighted to announce that BOTTLED GOODS will also be translated into Italian and published by Keller Editore.

Proud to be listed among the authors they are bringing to the Italian readership, among them Nobel Prize winner Herta Müller and Booker Prize winner Anna Burns.


I never quite expected that my novella-in-flash set in Romania would fly off like it did. Huge thanks to my publisher Fairlight Books, to the judges of the 2019 Women’s Prize for Fiction who helped raise awareness for my book through the prize listing, to my family and to my writing friends Stephanie Hutton, Christina Dalcher and Kayla Pongrac for their always on-point feedback and unwavering support. And, of course, huge thanks to anyone who read, commented or recommended my book!


And watch this space. More good news coming soon.

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