Interview on BBC World Service ‘The Arts Hour’

I’m thrilled to share with you the link to the episode of BBC World Service’s ‘The Arts Hour’ where I was one of the guests in the studio, alongside film critic Tara Judah.

BBC World Service ‘The Arts Hour’ (15th July 2018)


It was an amazing experience, and I want to thank with all my heart to the wonderful Nikki Bedi for her fantastic questions that really loosened my tongue, and for creating such a relaxed atmosphere in the studio. Also, many thanks to producer Olivia Skinner, so highly professional, and enthusiastic. It was and such a pleasure to work with these stunning ladies.

The show features Saudi Arabian film director Haifaa al-Mansour, American musician and polymath St Vincent, the British conductor Sir Mark Elder, the British actress Natalie Dormer, and American novelist Ann Tyler. I found all of these features absolutely fascinating, each in its own unique way. The discussions ranged from pioneering women to remaking movie classics and putting together again a lost opera.

Nikki Bedi asked me some excellent questions about my novella ‘Bottled Goods,’ which covered Romania under communism, an unforgettable princess, and restless spirits. If you want to know more about the story behind the story, tune in and listen to the show.

A huge thanks to the entire team at Fairlight Books (and I’m looking especially at you, Louise) for making all of this possible.



Foto credits: , used under CC0 Creative Commons

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