Hybrid Micro Live at New South Journal

My hybrid micro, ‘Down the Stairs in Somebody Else’s Dreams,’ is live at New South Journal. I’m really thrilled about this: it was one of my first ‘writer dreams’ to have a piece published by them.


Here is the link, if you fancy a read of this rather strange piece, inspired by a dream:

Micro Prose: Down the Stairs in Somebody Else’s Dreams by Sophie van Llewyn


And since my acceptances and publications seem to come in fits and starts lately, I have a few more pieces upcoming this month: first, a collaboration with writer Stephanie Hutton, ‘Chimaera’  on the 15th in the January issue of Connotation Press, and then a chapter from my novella-in-flash ‘Bottled Goods’ in Ambit issue 231.


Oh, and stay tuned — there will be a big announcement coming at the end of the month!

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