‘The Walls Around Us’ Published by New Delta Review

My (short) hybrid CNF has just been published by the prestigious New Delta Review. NDR is a journal ran by graduate students in the MFA Program in Creative Writing at Louisiana State University. And, also, a dream pub for me– I just couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the acceptance email from them. If you have to see it to believe it, too, here is the link to the story:


I would also like to thank the editors (I do hope they’re reading this post). It has been a pleasure working with editor Phillip Spotswood and nonfiction editor Tim Jones. The latter also interviewed me for the New Delta Review blog. His questions were incredibly thoughtful and insightful. They allowed me to explain a few of the essential matters that are at the core of ‘The Walls Around Us’ and the genesis of the piece.

Long story short, the piece is about a few of the departed in my family: my great-aunt, my grandfather, my father. Here is the picture that inspired it, a genuine family heritage that represents my grand-grandparents and my grandmother Sofia:



Read my piece to discover the story behind the picture.

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