Double Longlisting in the Reflex Fiction Autumn 2017 Competition

I’m delighted to have two pieces on Reflex Fiction’s Autumn 2017 Longlist. Many thanks to the organisers for putting together this exciting competition. I love how it’s structured, the thrill of waiting for the next post, to read the excellent long listed and winning stories.


The first of my longlisted stories is ‘Henry’s Ways’, a flash I wrote last year during Kathy Fish’s workshop. A heartfelt ‘thank you’ to Kathy for prompting me to write this piece in the highly generative and encouraging environment she creates during her workshops, and many thanks to Kayla Pongrac and Christina Dalcher, my wonderfully talented #FlashForceFive mates, who helped me revise it.

‘Stolen Hours’ is a chapter that I cut out of my novella-in-flash, when I fiddled with the story arc on my second revision. It’s, nonetheless, a piece I’m very attached to, and I’m really thrilled that it has been longlisted. A ‘thank you’ is due again to Kayla and Christina, for their thoughtful feedback and editing suggestions, that helped me make this flash the best it could be. Also, thank you Gillian Walker for helping me put the finishing touches.

I was thrilled to see so many familiar names on the list. Congratulations to Christopher Allen, Niamh MacCabe, Christopher Drew, Lee Hamblin, Tracy Fells, Diane Simmons, Joanna Campbell, my dear, lovely Stephanie Hutton( awesome title!), Fiona Mackintosh and Louise Mangos. Looking forward to read all of your stories!



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