‘The Low People in Our Family’ at The Airgonaut

A heartfelt ‘thank you’ to editor Sheldon Lee Compton for selecting this piece for the May issue of The Airgonaut. 

The Airgonaut has been on my ‘publication wishlist’ ever since I started reading and writing flash fiction, last year in May. In its webpages I discovered stories that I still enjoy reading and re-reading, like Michelle Elvy’s Up The Creek: Mythical Man, Alina Stefanescu’s Once and the Wench,  Paul Beckman’s Code Red, or AE Weisberger’s Puppah Fish and so many more. So today is a big writerly day for me.

The Low People in Our Family is the opening chapter of one of the two versions of my novella-in-flash. The setting in the woods is very close to my heart. It’s based on an actual picnic place where my parents used to drive us for open-air grills on Easter and the First of May (ha!). The picnic spot makes two more appearances in my novella: in the story Ripping, published by Chicago Literati last year in December and in the penultimate chapter (that you’ll probably read when I finally find a publisher for my manuscript).

So here is the link to my story:


I hope you’ll enjoy reading it and wish you a fantastic day!

4 thoughts on “‘The Low People in Our Family’ at The Airgonaut

  1. Beautiful work and thanks for the shoutout, Sophie. I look forward to reading your novella one day soon! ❤

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    1. Thank you so much! Hope to find a publisher soon. I’m still optimistic about it :))) Not sure I’ll be so in a month or two :)))

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      1. I just started subbing out a chapbook as well. Mine’s a bit of a concept package, and it’s been strangely enlightening researching where it might find a home. So many great mags and journals to read. We are alive in a reader’s paradise. Good luck to you!

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      2. Yes, it’s so, so true! I think there have never been so many presses. Very excited to read your chapbook soon


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