Publications & Other Announcements

Perhaps you have already noticed that I don’t really blog any more. After the birth of my daughter, I found that I had less and less time for writing and I chose to dedicate it entirely to writing flash fiction. From now on, I will only be blogging regarding forthcoming publications. I have set up a dedicated page here and I plan to write a post each month announcing where my work will appear.


In November, I have work forthcoming in:

Ink in Thirds – Coq au Vin (you can read it here)

Hermeneutic Chaos Journal -There Are No Sea Creatures

Five 2 One Magazine #thesideshow – Little Girl and the Sea (November 17th)


From now on, I will also be reviewing books for Necessary Fiction. My (optimistic) goal is to write a book review per month, for my own blog and for Necessary Fiction.

November will be a no-book-review month. I will be doing Flash NANO this year. What is Flash NANO? A month of flash fiction writing, using daily prompts (most graciously) supplied by the fantastic Nancy Stohlman. If you’re interested, you can subscribe to her mailing list and receive your daily prompt here. I’m so thrilled that I’m not alone, but that I’m part of a fabulous support group with the same aim. You can find us on Twitter, hiding under the mask of #NaNoRebels.

Wish you all a very creative November!

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