After Dinner



The rounded, smooth surface on top, the pendulating movement of the needle, its malicious oscillations follow her even in her sleep. It is not enough that she has to feel her entrails tying themselves in one terrible bow, every single time she approaches the formidable contraption. There is no hiding from it. After each and every meal, she brings the toddler in her arms, like an oblation to a pagan god, and places it on the scales. Her mind freezes, and she can make no sense of the numbers dancing in her head. Her husband pulls frantically at her sleeve, and asks fearfully,
‘And how did we do today?’
She can’t see the contours of his face, because her own eyes swim in tears.
’10 grams. That’s all that she has eaten.’
They turn to the skinny tyrant before them.

Using asceticism to instil fear? A child’s play



Published in the AdHocFiction eBook, 60th Edition, 8th of June



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