The Book on the Nightstand


I remember that when I was a teenage girl, my Mum used to buy all these glossy magazines. In the last ten to twenty pages, they all featured an extensive interview with a national celebrity. They all followed a certain pattern. They talked about their families, their work, their daily schedule , and about being famous. One of the compulsory questions was ‘Which was the last book you have read?’, in one form or the other. One journalist used to ask,


Which books do you have on your nightstand?

For some reason, this question stuck with me throughout the years. I recall that, when reading these interviews and when it came to this question, a feeling of light panic struck me and my brain seemed to go blank.

‘Hm, what was the last book I read? And would it be clever enough to quote , if was ever interviewed like this?’
I always wondered , ‘Do the celebs also need a little time to think about the last book they have read? Are they honest in answering? Or do they just talk about some fashionable book ?’.
Now , I rather think that this was the case. I have discovered that people don’t read as much as they pretend to. They often read detective stories or cheesy romances, which they are too embarrassed to mention.

I am a very inconsistent reader. Sometimes I need weeks to finish just one book, sometimes I devour a novel in a few days. Last week for instance, I went through Forster’s A room with a view, A Passage to India and Howard’s End in just eight days. Before that, I needed approx. three weeks to complete George Eliot’s Middlemarch. So posting in real-time, as I read , is not an option. You would sometimes have to wait too long for the next post. And , besides, there are so many books that I have read in the past that I am just itching to tell you about! I aim to take you through my Kindle collection of e-Books I have read, or even began to read and not finished in the past years.

Why Kindle? That is a sore point with me. We have to move around quite often and a large library with real books is rather impractical. So my husband bought me a Kindle for Christmas , three years ago. I was saddened , but understood his argument.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t prevent me from sneaking an actual book in the house every once in a while.

Nothing compares with how a book feels and smells like. Whatever you might tell me, there’s nothing like turning the pages with your own hand. Like leafing through a book to revisit a previous chapter or scene. Or like simply stopping to consider at leisure something impactful that you have just read, turning the book in your hands.
It would also be quite flat and dry to name the column ‘The Books on my Fuchsia Kindle.” So please indulge me, and let me delude myself that the books are actually stapled on my nightstand. Pretty please.

If they are real in my head, it’s almost as good as if they were actually there.

I don’t want to seem clever , or conceited. I will just plainly state what I think about the book and how it felt to read it. I will also write, from time to time, about books that I haven’t finished, and explain to you why I didn’t. Maybe you have read it, maybe you have hung on until the last page. Maybe you could explain to me why I should make an effort and be persistent. Maybe it’s really worth it, in the end. I am not absolutely impervious to argument.

That being said, let’s take a dive in the world of my Kindle. Ahem, oops, let’s take a look at my nightstand.

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